Anna Kraitz


Sofia Johansson and Lovisa Sandström


“THE BRIEF for our school assignment was a furniture piece for an entrance or hallway room, for both private homes and public environments. We researched by visiting a large number of both homes and various public venues. Our idea originates in the observation that cafés and restaurants often lack sufficient storage facilities for outdoor garments, which makes it a bit messy, especially in the cold season here in Stockholm. The concept is a piece efficient for storing clothes that also works as a room within the room, with its own distinct form, even when empty. The brief stated that the design should be timeless, not following any trends. It’s quite a substantial and heavy piece that will age with grace, but we think it makes a light and airy impression with its transparency. Källemo instructed us to follow our passion — the most inspiring advice imaginable!”

SOFIA JOHANSSON AND LOVISA SANDSTRÖM are two talented young design students in their senior year at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. Ridå is their solution for an assignment where students were commissioned to present ideas for new products for various Swedish furniture and interior design companies. We were so intrigued by Ridå that we decided to produce it for our collection. At Källemo, we have exciting experience of putting students’ creations into production. Jonas Bohlin’s Concrete (1981) and Mats Theselius Aluminum (aka the Theselius Chair, 1990) and Anna Kraitz sofa Anna (1999) are three prominent examples.