Anna Kraitz


Åsa Jungelius


 “THE IDEA FOR THIS TABLE sprung from a huge interior commission I’m working on — an entire new subway station that I’m decorating in Stockholm, the entirety of which is a celebration of motherhood. It’s called the Seashell — a monumental cavity, a tribute to the power of the void. In this station, I have created a crystal cave through which travelers will pass. It’s a kind of kaleidoscope that dissolves the spatial experience. One of the legs supporting this table is a triangle which alludes to this crystal cave with its illusion of an eternal abyss. It’s a first for me that an idea has appeared like this, in the form of a table. The table is really a play with eternal geometric shapes, with the oversized circular brass leg and the super-ellipse of the tabletop. I like the superellipse, which is a shape based on mathematically calculated curves. I’ve also drawn inspiration from Stockholm’s modernistic Sergels torg square from the late sixties, the design of which largely builds on the super-ellipse.”

ÅSA JUNGNELIUS is a visual artist who investigates physical and metaphysical dimensions through her own personal material language. In her work, Jungnelius crosses boundaries of art, design and functionality. Åsa Jungnelius is represented with her art and with site-specific installations in esteemed museums and institutions in Sweden and internationally. Since 2016, she has been working on the art work for Hagaplan, an entire new subway station in Stockholm, estimated to open in 2028.