Mats Theselius


Mats Theselius


During the 20th century, furniture and architecture have been characteristically functional. This functionalism involves a clear perception of society and human kind -a belief that, with technological development, we have advanced so far that we can stand alone, with no need of images and symbols. But this cultural "evolution"has encountered resistance in the past few decades; development is continuing, but we do not feel that we are developing. In this standstill, people are tempted and, perhaps, forced to seek new images. Mats Theselius furniture projects various images and potential associations that are remote from clinical functionalism. Thus, the bear more resemblance to furniture predating the modern period. Various stylistic features and materials are juxtaposed. in a functional and logical world, they bear o pictorial language that gives them in situ, the aspect of objects from a world we recognise, yet one that is unfamiliar. Perhaps, quite simply, it is a world we have not yet seen.

Jan Åman



Born in Stockholm 1956 University College of Arts Crafts and Design Konstfack, small scale architecture Stockholm 1979-84

Professor at HDK School of design & crafts, Chalmers University, Gothenburg 1995-96.

Associate of The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts 2011-

Mats Theselius works in the field between art & design. Mats works with different design commissions as well as his own production, exhibitions, set design, installations, books, film and music. Mats Theselius also produces his own unique custom made armchairs.


Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg, Malmö museum, Sundsvall museum, Art & crafts museum Copenhagen Denmark, Sky City, Arlanda Stockholm Airport, Swedish state art fondation, Russian state art collection Moscow, Museum de angewante kunst, Köln, Art & crafts museum, New York USA.


Meetingspace, Arlanda Airport Stockholm 1991 Set design for Noel Coward musical Norrköping Theatre 1997 Bichop chair for the Biscop in Linköping, Domechurch 1998 Broplan citylandscape in collaboration with Håkan Johnsson, Topia Lanskapsarkitekter 2003 Mindball, Interactive game For Inertractive Insititute productions 2003 Cityplan & landingsite for UFO:s in Uddebo, in collaboration with architect Pernilla Magnusson 2004 Entrance & interior-design, Archive for Swedish design Nybro in collaboration with architect Pernilla Magnusson 2005 Sthlm Furniture fair host at the prizewinning ceremony, Sthlm Concerthall 2005 Travelling crook för bischop Caroline Krook, Sthlm Domecurch 2004 Mats Theselius Show, stage show, Design annual, Stylepark Frankfurt 2007

Separate Exhibitions

Galleri Cupido, Stockholm 1988 Architecture Gallery Gothenburg 1989 Kulturhuset Nässjö 1999 Ekelund/ Tandan Gallery Sthlm 1991 Livs medel Gallery Rotor Gothenburg 1992 The Millionprogram, housingexhibition for Poseidon Bostads AB, Gbg 1993 Architecture Gallery Center for modern art Moscow 1994 Linnestreet Live project Gothenburg 1994 Kraschnuyj Ugol Färgfabriken arthall Sthlm 1996 Nature&Culture Röhsska Museum Gothneburg 1997 Galleri Cupido, Stockholm 1998 Monolit, Hordalands kunstsenter Bergen 1999 To shape the world, Malmö Museum 1999 1/2 cup Mats Theselius, Hishult Arthall 1999 Mats Theselius Kulturmagasinet, Sundsvall 1999 Deconstruction of the materiel idea, exhibition Authentics shop, Berlin.2000 Presentation of the first custom designed armchair TXS, made for the White house, J Lindeberg brandstore, ’Soho Offsite event New York 2000. Please be seated, Arts&Crafts Museum New York 2000 Mats Theselius at W. A Bolin. Sthlm 2000 Mats Theselius, Tomelilla Arthall 2000 Future design classics Form Design Center Malmoe 2002 Mats Theselius Custom armchairs /Chrisitan Larsen Gallery Sthlm artfair 2002 Grace Museum Abilene, Texas 2002 Swedish Kitchen, Legnica&Wroclaw 2005-06 Mats Theselius Furniture Form Design center Malmoe 2006 Mats Theselius Custom armchairs presentation Transpavillion Berlin 2007 Cloroform Gallery Pascale Sthlm 2008 Superstories Hasselt 2009 Vreta Kloster linköping 2009 Galleri Cupido, Stockholm 2009 Modersmjölken form design center, Malmö

Group Exhibitions

Young Designers Furniture Fair Sthlm 1984&86 Bo -85 Sthlm 1985 Alla Prima Konstfrämjandet,Sthlm & Lidköping 1987 Things own space Liljievalchs Art Hall Sthlm 1987 Konstant –90 Sthlm 1988&Leningrad 1989 Design Sweden, Swdesih Institute Montevideo, Bobay, Bangalore, Ahmedabad & New Dehli 1990-91 Configure 1 Erfurt Swedish Embassy & Axis Building, Tokyo 1991 Expo-92, World fair Sevilla1992 Nordic Light London, 1993 Nordic Profiles Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg and in the arts&crafts museums in Sthlm,, Copenhagen, Oslo & Helsinki 1994-95 Stellwerk Disignzentrum Nordhein Westfalen, Essen, German design council, Frankfurt and Axis Bulding Tokyo 1995 Structures Röhsska Museum Gothenburg 1995 Good Design 1995 Chicago Atheneum Museum of architecture 1995 Swedish Form society 150 years jubilee Liiliewalchs art hall Sthlm& Röhsska Museum Gothenburg 1995 Smart China Exhibition, Galley Arosa 2000 Frankfurt 1996 Swedish Folk art, Museum of folk art, Santa Fe & Los Angeles 1995-97 Low Budget ” with Matthias Dietz, : Kunsthal Rotterdam 1995 , Röhsska design Museum Göteborg 1996, ‘Richard Meyer museum,Frankfurt 1996 och Centre Cultural de Belem, Lissabon 1997. The Design church, reserachprject with Görel Byström 1996-97 Swap Your Life” för Sthlm- 98, ( Stockholm , culturecapital of Europe, in collaboration with Future Culture & Institute for Future Studies 1998. Design&Photography Milan 1998 Experimenta 99 Centre cultural de Belem lissabon First Biennale St Etienne 1999 Addenda 2 Hamar 1999 Roomservice H 99, housing exhibition/fair Helsingborg/Helsingör 1999 Sammeln, exhibition about collections, Walther Groupius bau, Museum de dinge, Berlin 2000 Drei Heilige könige, exhibition, Museum de angewante kunst, Köln 2000 Konstant 2000, St petersburg 2000 Broplan exhibition with Håkan Johnsson, Swedish state art fondation Sthlm 2000 Designfilmpool ( DFP ), filmshows in Stockholm Gothenborg och Berlin 2002, 2003 , 2004, DFP:s collaborationproject ”Shots on Brave New Worlds” in collaboration with Oliver Vogt 2004 Swedish Style Tokyo 2001 Classic 3 Sweden art Project Kortrijk 2001 Homy Bohusläns museum/arthall 2001 Lifespace Konstindustrimuseum Kopenhagen 2001 Bådhänt exhibition with artist Rolf Hansson, Gallery Aronowitch Sthllm 2001 Do not Disturb, Pezaro 2002 Mats Theselius custom Armchairs, Armory Show New York 2002 Something different IFAStuttgart 2004 Custom armchairs presentation Nilufar gallery Milano 2007 Shots on Brave new Worlds, presentation Design annual, Stylepark Frankfurt 2007 Miniskraper exhibition with Pernilla Magnusson, Stefan Andersson & Jonas Theselius Malmo 2008 Shots on Brave new Worlds, presentation Uglycute space, Sthlm 2008 Shots on Brave new Worlds, presentation Vandalorum art hall Värnamo 2009 The rhythm of the magic drum installation DMY Berlin 2009 Experimenta design event Lissabon 2009


The Poodles eye, Mats Theselius Hype magazine nr 3/4 1989 Hundrov&Raketbränsle Mats Theselius Dagens Nyheter 11/12 1989 Furniture, Mats Theselius,text by Andreas Gedin 1990 Broplan, Mölndal :a projekt / by Mats Theselius & Håkan Johnsson, Swedish state art fondation, 2000 Eremitens Koja, The Hermit´s Hut- book Mats Theselius editor Hype Magazine/Källemo 1991 A Nomad on the run, text by John Petter Nilsson, Ekelund/Tandan 1991 From the inner outskirts, Form magazine, text by editor Ulf Beckman 1991 European Masters edition Atrium, Barcelona 1992 Miljonprogrammet, The millionprogram- book Mats Theselius edotor MAMA architecture magazine 1993 Tracing the source of imagination, Interior Design nr 114 JID Japan 1994 Komrade Mats –book text by Jan Åman, Tamrina Timofejewa, Russian Culture Ministery& Swedish Embassy, Moscow 1994 Excalibur text by Andreas Gedin Danish Architecture magazine ARK nr 10 1994 A chair is born, by editor Ulf Beckman Form Magazine 1995 Low Budget, Der diskrete charme des Alltäglichen, text by Gerrit Krol, Interni magazine dec 1995 Kraschnyj Ugol text by Catti Lindahl, Jan Åman, Per Enerud, Ulf Beckman, Sara Ilstedt and Görel Byström Janarv Identita text by Marco Romanelli, Abitare magazine march 1996 To shape the world text by Karen Louise Juhl Christensen, Malmö Museum 1997 The future designers text by Mats Theselius Katzenjammer magazine nr 2000 Mats Theselius Cowboyboots text by Mats Theselius Konstant 2000 Cathalogue St petersburg 2000 Designers recipe book various writers Swedish Form Society 2008


IKEA scholarship 1984 Swedish state art fondation. 1986 & 1988 Swedish Form society, travel scholarship 1989 Swedish Form society, design award 1991 & 1995 Comfort Prize, Du Pont, Cologne 1991 Dagens Nyheter (Daily News) design prize 1991 Bruno Mattsson prize 1997 Torsten & Wanja Söderbergs design prize 1997 International Yearbook of Design,” Victoria” for Authentics 1998 Red point, Design innovations 1998 Design Zentrum Nordrein Westfalen, ”POM ” for Brühl & Sippold 1998 Chair Of The Year Sköna Hem magazine 2001 The Object for Minus Tio, Wallpaper Design Awards 2011 Raval tile collection for Marrakech Design, Elle Interior 2011


Mats Theselius ur svt Antikrundan / You Tube

Mats Theselius pratar om sin utställning på Vandalorum / You Tube