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Loggia - A set of furniture designed by In Praise of Shadows in collaboration with Källemo.


Together with Källemo In Praise of Shadows has developed a bench, a table and a cabinet. The geometry is in dialogue with the geometry of the Loggia d´Ombra pavilion for which they where designed and they are all built in pine-wood and cast iron. We sought a simplicity in construction and materiality and for the bench the two legs are paired and connected with one massive piece of wood that locks them together. For the table two pieces of massive wood that creates the table surface connects the table legs. The cast iron legs are cast from moulds made from a wooden original and the wood was sandblasted to have the wooden structure leave its mark on the cast iron pieces. A play of materiality in relation to the possibilities of the mode of construction. The wooden pieces for the seating and table surface was given a silver lasure, as a contrast to the cast iron and to have them in dialogue with the silver of the pavilion. The cabinet was designed as a spatial divider in the pavilion and a space to place a screen, facing outwards as during the opening events or inwards for smaller lectures and seminars.


The furniture are designed for an outdoor setting but we see also many possible uses indoors in public or private settings. During the autumn of 2018 will develop the furniture pieces for indoor as well as outdoor settings to have them become part of the Källemo product range. A first additional set will be produced for a version of the Loggia d`Ombra to be installed in Sundbyberg/Ör beginning of October.


The furniture was designed as part art of the exhibition Plots, Prints, Projections at the Greenhouse Garden - Reflect, Project, Connect at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice where In Praise of Shadows also designed a pavillion – Loggia d´Ombra.



Architects Sweden, Swedish Wood and Folkhem promoted by the Swedish Institute.

Exhibition - Plots, Prints, Projections, curated by Ulrika Karlsson



In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur

Architects: Katarina Lundeberg, Fredric Benesch,

Collaborators: Daniel Elis Karlsson, Ivan Segato



Källemo AB


All photos by: Pedro Kok



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John Kandell på VIDA Museum

VIDA museum John Kandell

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Vi välkomnar Carl-Johan

Carl Johan ny pa jobbet

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NEWS Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018

 Logo SFF

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Windsir hog gron svart lag Windsor gron hog svart lag Windsor hog gron tyg framifran Windsor hog gron tyg sida Windsor hog natur lader sida Windsor hog natur lader snett Windsor hog natur tyg framifran Windsor hog natur tyg sida Windsor hog natur tyg snett Windsor hog svart lader bakifran Windsor hog svart lader sida Windsor hog svart lader snett Windsor lag natur lader sidan Windsor lag natur lader sidan endast sits Windsor lag svart lader natur lader sida Windsor lag svart lader snett Windsor svart natur lag Windsor detalj gron

WINDSOR by Pierre Sindre

High with neck pillow or low, frame in oak, swivel base in steel.

High, h 107, w 64, d 83 cm.

Low, h 78, w 64, d 72 cm.


WINDSOR, an English-American from Småland

There are few furniture pieces that are so strongly associated with the culture heritage of Småland, as the WINDSOR chair.

The story began in Windsor, England where the first chairs were made in the 18th century. This popular chair type soon spread across England and also made it’s way to America with the early settlers, where it became very popular.

In mid of the 19th century many Swedes emigrated to America and came into contact with the WINDSOR chair. After a journey to America, the mistress at the Hook Manor in Småland, asked a local carpenter to make some chairs in birch from an image she had of the North American version.

Before long, there were many local carpenters reproducing these chairs from the wood found in the forest of Småland.

“My chair is an homage to the WINDSOR chair, and the journey it has made into our Swedish heritage and our present-day way of life”

Pierre Sindre


Skissernas stapel 2 Skissernas natur Skissernas stapel 1 Skissernas brunt skinn

SKISSERNAS by Elding Oscarson

Seat in form felt or leather, steel frame, stackable.

h 83, w, 39, d 51 cm.

 The chair was made for Skissernas Museum in Lund by Elding Oscarson the winner of the Kasper Salin prize 2017


Graddhyllan 2  Graddhyllan 3  Graddhyllan 5  Graddhyllan 4

GRÄDDHYLLAN by Anna Kraitz

Cast aluminium, ash.

h 21, w 100/160 d 22/30 cm


Bruno soffa 

BRUNO SOFA by Mats Theselius

Prime leather, steel frame, cold foam.

h. 70, l 134, d 69 cm.

The icon easy chair Bruno har extended into a sofa.


Bjorkskapet liggande stangt Bjorkskapet liggande oppet Bjorkskapet staende stangt Bjorkskapet staende oppet

BJÖRKSKÅPET by David Ericsson

Birch, mirror, birch bark, glass. Limited edition of 99 pcs.

h 50, w 60 d 22 cm

h 60, w 50, d 22 cm

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